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April 15 till May 8 2016       OPENING Friday April 15 17.00 – 19.00 hrs


Willem Harbers – Mai Movrin – Adriaan Rees – Carla Rump – Adri Verhoeven.

Jeroen Kee (curator/installatie)


An exhibition of sculptures from five contemporary sculptors in an installation designed as exhibition.

Usually works may only be touched with eyes .. Enjoying a sculpture can be done by hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling … … Visitors to this exhibition are invited to not only watch, but also to feel, to touch. “Seeking intimacy”. With this exhibition WG Kunst aimes for a sensory experience. People have become so conditioned that they take for granted that sculptures should not be touched.

With the question “How do you encourage visitors to touch sculptures?” Jeroen Kee, a visual artist and curator started working and designed this installation. The sculptures are all different. They are made of stone, wood, metal or plastic and produced in various ways. Each sculpture plays space in their own way. They are, hanging, standing, wandering across the floor and tell stories that sometimes enter into a dialogue with each other. Feel strips run consistent across the empty walls, lines that articulate different moods in the background with their textures and rhythms.

This exhibition is not only for regular visitors, but also an invitation to the visually disabled.

We hereby invite you cordially to come experience this exhibition.


OPENING Friday 15 april 17.00 – 19.00 hrs

exhibition from 15 april till 8 may 2016

open 13.00 – 17.00 uur

Mondays closed


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