5 lectures by 5 renowned artists

5 artists, 5 lectures

What: 5 lectures by  5 renowned artists in different disciplines: photografy, painting an 3 dimensional work.

Dates: 25 feb, 11 and 25 march, 8 en 22 april 2013.

Time: start 20:15 the lectures take about an hour and a half.

Place: Studiocomplex at the van Weerden Poelmanlaan 4 in Amstelveen ( free parking at site).

Price: € 45,- for 5 lectures.

register: by transfering 45.-€ to giro: 6386371 tav Zwartlakenatelier Rhode and ad ‘5x lezing Amstelveen’

and send an email to/ or call Stephanie Rhode: info@stephanierhode.nl or 06-11355097



More information about the artists; www.stephanierhode.nl, www.pauldikker.nl, www.roldanus.com, www.paulvanriel.com


For the complete flyer in dutch, with all the information and pictures klik hier!