Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial ARTZUID

Willem Harbers at ArtZuid


ARTZUID 2023 will take place from 20 May – 24 September. Jasper Krabbé is the curator of the 8th edition of ARTZUID. Fifty sculptures by internationally renowned artists and Dutch talent are exhibited on Apollolaan and Minervalaan in architect Berlage’s Plan-Zuid. The route map and catalogue are available at the ARTZUID Information Pavilion t.o. Minervalaan 1. Entry tours are at 1pm on weekends. ARTZUID is accessible free of charge.


Every edition, a curator is commissioned to make the sculpture selection based on the exhibition concept. In the past, renowned curators have put together ARTZUID. Among them: Rudi Fuchs, Henk van Os, Jan Cremer, Michiel Romeyn & Roberto Meyer, Jhim Lamoree, Maarten Bertheux and Ralph Keuning.

According to Rudi Fuchs, ARTZUID is unique in the world. He knows of no other biennial that focuses exclusively on outdoor sculpture. The special thing about an exhibition in a public space is that everyone can enjoy it.


Artists ARTZUID 2023
Karel Appel (NL), David Bade (CW), Lynda Benglis (VS), Hans van Bentem (NL), Erik Buijs (NL), Caroline Coolen (BE), César Baldaccini (FR), Monika Dahlberg (NL), Wim Delvoye (BE), Jean Dubuffet (FR), Ida Ekblad (NO), Frankey (NL), Klaas Gubbels (NL), Willem Harbers (NL), Liesbeth Henderickx (BE), Studio Job (NL), Roland de Jong Orlando (NL), Piet van de Kar (NL), Wang Keping (CN), Katerina Komm (CZ), Jasper Krabbé (NL), Esther Mahlangu (ZA), Marjolijn Mandersloot (NL), Tirzo Martha (CW), Frederik Molenschot (NL), Olaf Mooij (NL), Frans Muhren (NL), Wilhelm Mundt (DE), Anna Mrzyglod (DE), Panamarenko (BE), Marcel Pinas (SUR), Bettina Pousttchi (DE), Arne Quinze(BE), Sterling Ruby (VS), Ando Savako (JP), Julian Schnabel (VS), Carin Scholten (NL), Gery De Smet (BE), Kiki Smith (VS), Daniel Spoerri (RO), Boris Tellegen (NL), Nadine van Veldhuizen (NL), Ronald Westerhuis (NL), Marjolein Witte (NL), Erwin Wurm (AT).

On Sunday August 20 I will be giving an Artist Talk from 15.00 until 16.00. It will take place at the ArtZuid Information Pavilion, on Minervallaan 1. The talk is presented to a maximum of 25 people.

The talk is centred around my career path as an artist, the development of my oeuvre and especially the creative process behind the sculpture that is exhibited in ARTZUID this year. I will talk about my different inspirations, how I came about them, and how I deal with them in my work. And of course all questions are welcome.

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Have a look with us how the sculpture Girosplode is installed at Artzuid in just over two minutes!

Visitors information

ARTZUID 2023 takes place from 19 May till 24 September. The start of the sculpture route is at our information pavilion on the green strip near Minervalaan 1, Amsterdam


Opening hours

From May 2023, the ARTZUID sculptures are on display in the public space and accessible 24 hours a day. During the exhibition, the information pavilion at Minervalaan 1 will be open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


Information Pavilion

The itinerary, catalogue and educational materials will be available from the Information pavilion at Minervalaan 10, which will also serve drinks and snacks. There will be a shop selling ARTZUID merchandise such as posters, postcards and pins. Visitors can use the toilet facilities at the nearby Hilton Hotel. The information pavilion is also the assembly point for all tours. Free WiFi is available that you can use to download the ARTZUID app. It is also possible to pre-order the itinerary and catalogue from the Webshop. Please be aware that delivery can take up to four days.


Location: ARTZUID Pavilion Minervalaan 6 Amsterdam
Date: Friday 19th of May
Time: 16.00

16.00 Welcome guests
16.30 Official opening
17.00 Music, drinks, and snacks
19.30 Closing

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Girosplode by Willem Harbers

.                                                                                                .Girosplode by Willem Harbers at Art Zuid 2023.                                                                                                         .













Girozoom Inc. multiple
Hand painted 3D print on a wooden base,
35 cm high, edition of 25
for sale at the pavilion of Art Zuid



artzuid catalogue with Willem Harbers



artzuid with Willem Harbers artzuid with Willem Harbers


















Mondriaan fund

artist supported by the Mondriaan Fund