art karlsruhe 2018 willem harbers – galerie franzis engels

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Galerie Franzis Engels presents Willem Harbers at art KARLSRUHE –

The fair for classic modern and contemporary art

22 to 25 February 2018




For the past 15 years, art KARLSRUHE has been synonymous with the unique pleasure that only fine art can provide. The artworks on display here embody over 120 years of artistic creativity: from Classic Modern art to the latest works of Contemporary art, 215 nationally and internationally renowned galleries from 14 countries spark enthusiasm among collectors, art lovers and connoisseurs with their high-qualityselection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics.

Another essential feature of art KARLSRUHE is this fair’s skilful interplay among gallery booths, spacious sculpture areas, and stimulating special exhibitions.


Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre
Messeallee 1
76287 Rheinstetten
W: Art Karlsruhe
W: galerie Franzis Engels