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Het Kunstgemaal


19.03.2022 – 26.06.2022
At the invitation of Joost Wolters of the Kunstgemaal, I am showing 4 new works in the coming period. This week we carefully installed the works and it looks very good! This presentation is taking place as part of the main exhibition of Floris Hovers entitled “all that remains”. Our works complement each other very well so I am very happy with this show.

Het Kunstgemaal Foundation
Het Kunstgemaal is a pumping station on the river Ijssel near the beautiful town of Bronkhorst in Gelderland. The location itself is already stunning and so is the art. The Kunstgemaal is a non-profit foundation which aims to present modern art and design to the residents and visitors of Bronkhorst and far beyond!


Stichting Het Kunstgemaal
Veerweg 1
7226 LP Bronkhorst, The Netherlands
Telefoon: +31(0)575 472550
Mobiel: +31(0)6 11392349

Opening hours: 11.00 – 17.00
October – April: Thursday – Sunday
May, June: Wednesday – Sunday
July, August: Monday – Sunday
September: Wednesday-Sunday

Mondriaan fund

artist supported by the Mondriaan Fund