Cityhall Diemen: CONNECT – Work by Paul Smulders and Willem Harbers


On invitation by the city of Diemen a show together with paul Smulders in the cityhall of Diemen.

November 20 2014 to  Januari 9 2015

Opening Thursday November 20 at 19.30 hrs  mayor Amy Koopmanschap.


Connect Diemen Smulders







You are cordially invited for the opening of the exhibition on Thursday November 20th at 19.30 hrs by mayor Amy Koopmanschap in the Cityhall of Diemen:

CONNECT – Work by Paul Smulders and Willem Harbers


Paul Smulders

Paul Smulders (born in Breda in 1962) has chosen the painting process as the theme of his work. There is no preconceived plan. Instead, he lets his artist’s  materials lead him where they want to go. He employs various types of paints, inks and varnish, allowing them to interact in a sort of alchemy. The colours are left to mix freely resulting in something the painter himself initiated but which largely takes place in an unpredictable manner.
Smulders’ work in this exhibition shows not only landscape motifs but also the vigour that is evident in nature. The struggle between image and material, and between structure and chaos is palpable when you look at his work. He wants the image to become paint and paint to become the image.

Willem Harbers

“….The complicated industrial forms refer to movement or production. Harbers’ fascination for production processes, the winning of raw materials and the working of materials are obvious, but nowhere a spilled chip can be found. And that seams exactly the artists’ intension.
His “machines” shine proudly, but never start moving. It is the industrial design that inspires and fascinates Harbers. You could imagine that it are exactly his own “machines” he needs to work the marble for his artworks. An idea in which he inextricably binds up nature, his machines and the visitor.”
Verily Klaassen, Eindhovens Dagblad

The exhibition is on display until January 10 2015 
on working days from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs in the Cityhall of Diemen, D.J. den Hartoglaan 1, 1111 ZB Diemen.