Künstlerforum Bonn: “Umbruch”

May 7 till May 28 2017

Vernissage:  May 7 at 12.00 hrs. by Susanne Grube


In our monitored , globalized and crisis-ridden time it seems useful to design an artistic concept for an exhibition  in which it comes to the man-made systems and their effect on the personal and social life . The 10 artists will illuminate various aspects of lived reality in a time frame in the subdivision of the past, present and future . They use this time frame to visualize relations between the various work , to make the exhibition concept trackable and understandable for the public.






Künstlerforum Bonn

Artists from the Netherlands, Germany and Switserland take part:
Martina Otto, Willem Harbers, Wim Bakker, Claus Pierre Leinenbach, Petra Morenzi, Anna Rudolf, Ellen Klijzing, Jan-Paul Hulsenbek, Ike van Cleeff,
Katrien Vogel.


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