Künstlerverein Walkmühle: “Naturliebe – erneuerbare Haltungen”


Very honoured that my work is selected for the most important exhibition of the year at the Künstlerverein Walkmühle!
A very good organisation with a great location that has just been completely restored.



Was man heute als künstlerische Utopie beginnt,
wird man morgen vielleicht als Reportage zu Ende schreiben können.


from 04.08. till 15.10.2017



The theme of the 23rd exhibition in the Walkmühle is the question of an appropriate attitude towards nature. What is the contribution art can make to the realization of the necessary changes, that are scientifically demonstrable necessary, in our way of approaching and handling nature?

The focus of the exhibition project is on the front – less on destruction and threat, but on the inspiring and innovative energy of natural processes in which we are integrated. We tend to see crises as a threat. They are accelerators of the new, which rests in the womb of the old. It is about visions of a future in unity with the surrounding nature – from the understanding that nature does not take place “somewhere out there”, but that we are nature.

Last but not least, works were chosen that celebrate nature, fascinate them, listen to them, integrate natural processes into work processes and turn them into artistic methods – or utopias for a change in their dealings with nature.


Curator for this exhibition:
Axel Schweppe, Köln.


For this show a catalogue is produced: “Naturliebe – erneuerbare Haltungen”

To read the whole text in German by Gérard Goodrow please click here.


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Vernissage: 04.08. at 18.00 hrs


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WE + FR 17–20 Uhr
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SU + holidays 11–19 Uhr


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