Learning to think 3D with Willem Harbers , workshop

Learning to think 3D with Willem Harbers , workshop

Working in, for example , stone is a difficult but beautiful process . To control that process a lot of experience is needed . In this workshop we will examine some specific exercises to ( continue ) to build up experience quickly and efficiently, and thereby gain much better understanding. The exercises are logical and structured, so at the end of the weekend you experienced a whole new way of looking and thinking.

The first day we do different exercises each about an hour. We use clay , but we will also “draw sculptors style” . The results are always discussed and explained. The conversation with each other during the making is also of great importance .

Day two we will apply all exercises from day one on a project, which we are going to make out of foam . Working in foam is technically much faster than stone but requires the same processes and insights .

Experience is not needed…enthusiasm is!

The workshop was on Februari 22th and 23th 2014.


Date: 22 and 23 februari from 10.00 -16.00 hrs  | costs: 135,00 including materials, lunch is not included.

adres; Mauritskade 24,1091 GC Amsterdam | T: 020-692 00 93    e-mail: info@mk24.nl