Lecture Willem Harbers at the Amsterdam Museum

Lecture “The Way the Marble Goes”

marmer carrara Apuani

storage of marble and the quarries in the mountains


On invitation by the Amsterdam Historical Museum artist Willem Harbers gives the lecture “De way of the Marble”. In this lecture Willem takes you into the world of marble and his world as an artist . Willem Harbers lived and worked during a year in the  marblequarries in the mountains surrounding Carrara, Italy.

This lecture takes place in the context of the exhibition ‘Verwondering/Vervreemding’ in the museum.

Artist participating Willem Harbers, Carla Rump and Anneke de Witte.

Saturday augustus 7 at 14.00 hrs
Kalverstraat 29, 1012 PH Amsterdam

Duration about 2 hours (incl. pauze)
Entree €5,00
For reservations email : wharbers@xs4all.nl

More information please contact Willem.