Botanische tuin TU Delft: Planttech Reflexion

“Planttech Reflexion”   –  June 4 – October 22


An exhibition with:
Wim Bakker, Ike van Cleeff, Karin Dekker, Willem Harbers, Ellen Klijzing, Martina Otto en Jan Paul Hulsenbek.

The exhibition “Planttech Reflexion” shows work of seven artists in the Botanical Garden of Delft  at the invitation of director Bob Ursem. In fact, the exhibition is a reassessment of the relationship between the disciplines of art and science. Historically,they were always mentioned in one breath, but are for a longer period of time, they are considered separately from each other in the Netherlands. Something similar applies to art and engineering or technology. In recent years we see a turnaround. In arts subjects as research, innovation, experimentation, knowledge acquisition and transfer play a greater role in the discourse. Developments in the field of ‘bio-based’ applications in society is also found in art. “Planttech Reflexion” is an outcome of the renewed curiosity about each other’s individuality and togetherness. The Botanical Garden laying concrete links between nature and technology with regard to, among other industrial product such as wood, rubber, gums, resins, oils, greases and the like. Many business developments have also started in Delft. In 2017, the Botanical Garden is 100 years old and with this exhibition that specific achievements of innovations from Delft are also considered in more detail from the visual arts. Technology, art and nature come together in a representation of that history.
June 4 2017 16.00 opening by Jeroen Damen.
All artists reflect on their work.
June 7 2017 09.00 – 12.00 hrs:  ART WALK DELFT .
Tours by the artists with groups up to 15 persons.






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