“Pre Present”

Pre Present: A Confluence of Time Joints in House Barnaart

.Haarlem, Novenber 5 and 6 2016.


…………..Haarlem - Huis Barnaart (foto Arjan Bronkhorst)


“If the future is uncertain, we turn to the past and the present in order to set a new route to the future. The past and present coincide with the
title “Pre Present”.  Six artists, invited by Claus Leinenbach, show their overlapping junctures in this exhibition.
Intense emotions, evolutionary processes, constructed security and invisible  processes meet this weekend in Huize Barnaart in Haarlem. ”
Participating artists:

CP LeinenbachIris BouwmeesterWillem HarbersAlet PilonNadine van VeldhuizenPim Tieland.

dates:       November 5 and 6 2016
open:        from 11:00 till 17:00 hrs.
address:  Huis Barnaart, Nieuwe Gracht 7, Haarlem, Netherlands.

This exhibition is part of the Kunstlijn Haarlem 2016. The theme of Kunstlijn 2016 is “Over Morgen” (which means About Tomorrow but also The Day after Tomorrow). A theme about the future, innovation, looking ahead, but also about the day after tomorrow. Art Line 2016 provides a city full of contemporary art,
festive openings, surprising exhibitions and always special presentations.