Girozoom Inc.

HAARLEM 2019-2021


galvanised steel and cast iron, paints, rubber.
410 – 175 – 185 (H-W-L)

The reason to make this sculpture “Girozoom Inc.” was the commission of the sculpture route in Haarlem. The theme is the circular society/recycling.
“Girozoom Inc.” looks like a drilling platform, an installation that pumps raw materials from the earth. But as the sculpture gets higher, the forms become organic and “Girozoom Inc.” looks like a technical tree.
A technical tree that can change with the seasons. Branches can grow in spring and branches can fall off in autumn. The sculpture consists of many parts that are connected by flanges to the shape it has now. Just like a Lego box, new parts can be connected or removed. In the sculpture there are still about 5 coupling points to which a lid/seal is now screwed on. In the future new “branches” can grow / be screwed on. This could be done by me but I could also ask other artists/designers to design a new branch and link it to the current state. A collaboration. A technical organic growth. A combination of nature and technique.
A 3D print of this work was made in advance for presentation to the committee and all those involved. This Girozoom Inc. 3D multiple is now also available in a limited edition.

I can tell you a lot more about it but…then you have to contact me!

Girozoom Inc has grown a new branch‎ in August 2020!!

‎‎Although spring has long since passed, Girozoom Inc. suddenly got a new branch at the end of August 2020. I had to lend a hand to get the branch in the right place. A young branch that can still reach maturity? Who knows how Girozoom Inc. will develop in the future. One thing is for sure! Girozoom Inc. is full of life and will continue to develop.