Labogibile included in the Art Collection SVB !!

SVB Kunstcollectie

SVB Amstelveen

At the invitation of the art committee of the SVB Paul Dikker and Willem Harbers  made the magnificent exhibition “In Twee Werelden” at the end of 2015.
The head office of the SVB in Amstelveen is distinctive architecture and makes the exhibition space specific and challenging. The technical nature of the building makes it an inviting place for the work of Willem Harbers. The work came to its advantage and, in particular, the major installation Labogibile seemed at home. The art committee and the SVB as a whole where excited and now Labogibile is included in the art collection of the SVB.

Last month we installed Labogibile in a beautiful location in the building. With great thanks to the art commission and particularly the chairman Han Sinke.