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‎‎‎Willem Harbers at Ostrale 2021

‎This month I got a news that my work will be part of the OSTRALE Biennale O21 taking place in Dresden (Germany) this summer. The curatorial team selected Girozoom Inc. to be placed in public space as part of a temporary “forum” with panel discussions, film screenings, readings and other artistic and community programs to transform it into a place of dialogue, friendship and social and artistic reflection. The team was looking for contemporary art installations and sculptures dealing with current cultural and social issues in a thoughtful and provocative way. The OSTRALE Biennale in Dresden is the third largest international exhibition of contemporary art in Germany. With this Biennale a catalogue will be printed.


In the rivers north the future / I cast the net (Paul Celan)

Being human is not enough, and already too much. Sometimes we act like robots, but want to feel like animals. How can we breathe and rethink work and pleasure, art and industry, politics and poetics, when everything flows into each other, like streams into a river? Is the whole planet our home or just the square meters we occupy?

Between disorientation and reorientation, to find new directions and avoid dead ends, we need to breathe differently. We have to change our perspective and pay attention to those at the borders of our field of vision: the misfits, the oppressed, and the unknown, but also biospheres, buildings and social spaces. At the gate of a new, post-pandemic era, exhausted but hopeful, curious and ready for a change, the OSTRALE in 2021 explores the ways we coexist with our fellow humans, animals and our complex environment.

More information will follow in due time. For information about the Biennale see Ostrale

Girozoom Inc - Willem Harbers

Girozoom Inc. by Willem Harbers