Paul Dikker – Willem Harbers: INTERLOKAAL

Paul Dikker – Willem Harbers: INTERLOKAAL



We cordially invite you to our exhibition ‘Interlokaal ‘. Our monumental paintings and sculptures are characterized by peace and quietness. It is as if time stands still. But behind that seeming peace you will find a lot of movement. Movement across all borders.We are both working on different locations in several countries, never give up and constantly try to push our own boundaries. Come and see our show at ‘ location Amstelveen’ where we will welcome you personally.

Around the exhibition, we have organized a number of activities.
Saturday 1 June, 15.00 hrs:
Els Drummen, curator of the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen, will open the exhibition.
Afterwards De Wijnrank takes care of the wine tasting. Which wine combines well with which work of art?
Discover the taste of art.


Sunday 2 June, 15.00 hrs:
Marcel Lenssen, playwright, gives a workshop ‘ image talk ‘ writing; creative writing for all ages inspired on a piece of art at the exhibition.
You can finish your text at home and send it to before June 9th.


Sunday 9 June, 15.00 hrs:
we will read out the submitted results of the workshop ‘ image talk ‘ writing.
If you like you can come to read out your own contribution.
The best ones will be published on




van Weerden Poelmanlaan 4, 1185 HB Amstelveen

t: +31(0)6 – 23 98 66 99

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free on-site parking

hours of operation:
za 1 June 12.00-19.00 so 2 June 12.00-19.00
sat 8 June 12.00-19.00 Sun 9 June 12.00-19.00
Mon 3 to Fri 7 by appointment