Somewhere in between, Venlo

Manufactuur: Somewhere in between, Venlo

15th November  / 22 December

Friday November 15th, at 20.00 hrs, this show will be officially opened by Frans Pollux.

He will talk about the work and interview the artists

Open at 19.30 hrs, starting 20.00 hrs.







Willem Harber’s sculptures resemble machines, but not machines that expedite life, they delay it. Stationary equipment.

It takes some time before you can produce slow moving images in as quick a pace as these. By suggesting they are

being charged, as spectator you get the notion that energy is flowing.


“Harbers’ sculptures are full of duality. With there technical appearance, the machine-installations conjure up associations

of dynamics, but also that of stagnation. Brute force and masculine potency opposite soft, virgin white forms. It is

captivating art, because it is versatile and therefore rich in contrasts.”


Els Drummen, conservator Cobra Museum for Modern Art, Amstelveen, June 2013.


Thu. 21, 28 Nov. and 12 Dec. from 13.00 – 17.00 hrs Fri. 22, 29 Nov. and 6, 13 Dec. from 13.00 – 17.00 hrs

zo. 17 Nov. and 1, 22 Dec. from 13.00 – 17.00 hrs Other days by appointment: Andries van de Wiel, 06-143 522 49

MANUFACTUUR,  Kazernestraat 17-19 Venlo-Blerick | T. 06 143 522 49 |

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